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Training raters and establishing and maintaining reliability for the duration of a psychiatric clinical trial is a major problem that is often ignored. This problem is particularly vexing for trials that involve many raters at multiple sites. In addition, rater bias relating to gender, ethnicity/race, and educational background has never been adequately explored as a cause of measurement error in clinical trials. The AccuPsych prototype developed an internet-based interactive video system that can be used to assess inter-rater reliability for groups of raters using the Hamilton Rating Scale of Depression (HRSD)(Hamilton, 1960). Building on this success, FarSight AccuPsych is a comprehensive web-based system that can be used to train research raters in reliably administering the HRSD, and assess inter-rater reliability for a large group of raters in different geographical area. AccuPsych also assesses the impact of gender, ethnicity/race, and educational background of the raters on error variance with patients of diverse characteristics. The methodology developed for this project using the HRSD will be generalizable to other interview-based rating instruments.

The primary market for this product consists of any organization involved in the conduct of psychiatric clinical trials, including academic medical centers, pharmaceutical companies, and contract research organizations.
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